thumb|500px|right|Full walkthrough, shown without the keymap interface, possibly older edition.Dragon's Lair is a port of classic 1983 arcade game with the same name, done by Digital Leisure.


The gameplay is exactly the same as in the arcade: the player controls Dirk the Daring, a knight who has to rescue Princess Daphne from an evil dragon Singe, by pressing the correct button when the obstacle is seen. The rooms are randomized (although the DVD version seems to keep them in one and the same order, with slight changes sometimes), so the player doesn't know which scene will be next. In order to get to the dragon, the player must beat a certain number of rooms without continuing.

The player is given three lives at the start. When all three are lost, the Game Over screen is shown, although the game continues automatically from any random room.


The bonus section includes six video interviews made during the time when Dragon's Lair was a strike in the arcades.

Extra gameplay featuresEdit

Unlike the other versions, the DVD port lets the player know when to press the button and also shows which button has been pressed, with the wrong button being highlighted with blue color and correct button with yellow color. Still, if the player presses the right button with the same timing required on the arcade version, that may sometimes result in showing the death scene due to responding times.

See alsoEdit

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  • Space Ace
  • Dragon's Lair III

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