Вий: История, расказанная заново (Viy: Istoriya, raskazannaya zanovo; Viy: A Story Told Anew) is a port of the PC adventure game created by Crazy House, itself being based on Nikolay Gogol's classic novel 'Viy'. The port is done by First Games Interactive and was released only in Russian-speaking countries.


Itself, the game is being a slightly "butchered" port of the PC original, with removed minigames and cutting-the-room-floor scenes.

The player controls a young philosopher, Homa Brut, going through the main events of the novel, although the player's main goal is to keep him alive during his last night in the church, unlike in the novel, although there is also a bad ending which replicates the conclusion of the novel.



Extra gameplay featuresEdit

Inventory, openable with Menu button, and password system.

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